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AWS AppSync controls

These controls are related to AWS AppSync resources.

These controls may not be available in all AWS Regions. For more information, see Availability of controls by Region.

[AppSync.2] AWS AppSync should have field-level logging enabled

Category: Identify > Logging

Severity: Medium

Resource type: AWS::AppSync::GraphQLApi

AWS Config rule: appsync-logging-enabled

Schedule type: Change triggered


Parameter Description Type Allowed custom values Security Hub default value


Field logging level



No default value

This control checks whether an AWS AppSync API has field-level logging turned on. The control fails if the field resolver log level is set to None. Unless you provide custom parameter values to indicate that a specific log type should be enabled, Security Hub produces a passed finding if the field resolver log level is either ERROR or ALL.

You can use logging and metrics to identify, troubleshoot, and optimize your GraphQL queries. Turning on logging for AWS AppSync GraphQL helps you get detailed information about API requests and responses, identify and respond to issues, and comply with regulatory requirements.


To turn on logging for AWS AppSync, see Setup and configuration in the AWS AppSync Developer Guide.

[AppSync.5] AWS AppSync GraphQL APIs should not be authenticated with API keys

Related requirements: NIST.800-53.r5 AC-2(1), NIST.800-53.r5 AC-3, NIST.800-53.r5 AC-3(15), NIST.800-53.r5 AC-3(7), NIST.800-53.r5 AC-6

Category: Protect > Secure access management > Passwordless authentication

Severity: High

Resource type: AWS::AppSync::GraphQLApi

AWS Config rule: appsync-authorization-check

Schedule type: Change triggered


  • AllowedAuthorizationTypes: AWS_LAMBDA, AWS_IAM, OPENID_CONNECT, AMAZON_COGNITO_USER_POOLS (not customizable)

This control checks whether your application uses an API key to interact with an AWS AppSync GraphQL API. The control fails if an AWS AppSync GraphQL API is authenticated with an API key.

An API key is a hard-coded value in your application that is generated by the AWS AppSync service when you create an unauthenticated GraphQL endpoint. If this API key is compromised, your endpoint is vulnerable to unintended access. Unless you are supporting a publicly accessible application or website, we don't recommend using an API key for authentication.


To set an authorization option for your AWS AppSync GraphQL API, see Authorization and authentication in the AWS AppSync Developer Guide.