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Security Hub quotas

Your AWS account has certain default quotas, formerly referred to as limits, for each AWS service. These quotas are the maximum number of service resources or operations for your account. This topic links to the quotas that apply to AWS Security Hub resources and operations for your account. Unless otherwise noted, each quota applies to your account in each AWS Region.

Some quotas can be increased, while others cannot. To request an increase to a quota, use the Service Quotas console. To learn how to request an increase, see Requesting a quota increase in the Service Quotas User Guide. If a quota isn't available on the Service Quotas console, use the service limit increase form on the AWS Support Center Console to request an increase to the quota.

Maximum quotas

For a list of quotas that apply to Security Hub resources, see AWS Security Hub endpoints and quotas in the AWS General Reference.

Rate quotas

For a list of quotas that apply to Security Hub API operations, see the AWS Security Hub API Reference.

If you have set up Cross-Region aggregation, one call to BatchImportFindings and BatchUpdateFindings impacts linked Regions and the aggregation Region. The GetFindings operation retrieves findings from linked Regions and the aggregation Region. However, the BatchEnableStandards and UpdateStandardsControl operations are Region-specific.