sam local generate-event - AWS Serverless Application Model

sam local generate-event

Generates sample payloads from different event sources, such as Amazon S3, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon SNS. These payloads contain the information that the event sources send to your Lambda functions.


sam local generate-event [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


Generate the event that S3 sends to your Lambda function when a new object is uploaded sam local generate-event s3 [put/delete] # You can even customize the event by adding parameter flags. To find which flags apply to your command, run: sam local generate-event s3 [put/delete] --help # Then you can add in those flags that you wish to customize using sam local generate-event s3 [put/delete] --bucket <bucket> --key <key> # After you generate a sample event, you can use it to test your Lambda function locally sam local generate-event s3 [put/delete] --bucket <bucket> --key <key> | sam local invoke -e - <function logical id>


Option Description
--help Shows this message and exits.


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