Passing additional runtime debug arguments - AWS Serverless Application Model

Passing additional runtime debug arguments

To pass additional runtime arguments when you're debugging your function, use the environment variable DEBUGGER_ARGS. This passes a string of arguments directly into the run command that the AWS SAM CLI uses to start your function.

For example, if you want to load a debugger like iKPdb at the runtime of your Python function, you could pass the following as DEBUGGER_ARGS: -m ikpdb --ikpdb-port=5858 --ikpdb-working-directory=/var/task/ --ikpdb-client-working-directory=/myApp --ikpdb-address= This would load iKPdb at runtime with the other arguments you’ve specified.

In this case, your full AWS SAM CLI command would be:

DEBUGGER_ARGS="-m ikpdb --ikpdb-port=5858 --ikpdb-working-directory=/var/task/ --ikpdb-client-working-directory=/myApp --ikpdb-address=" echo {} | sam local invoke -d 5858 myFunction

You can pass debugger arguments to the functions of all runtimes.