Managing Portfolios - AWS Service Catalog

Managing Portfolios

You create, view, and update portfolios on the Portfolios page in the AWS Service Catalog administrator console.

Creating, Viewing, and Deleting Portfolios

The Portfolios page displays a list of the portfolios that you have created in the current region. Use this page to create new portfolios, view a portfolio's details, or delete portfolios from your account.

To view the Portfolios page
  1. Open the Service Catalog console at

  2. Select a different region as necessary.

  3. If you are new to AWS Service Catalog, you see the AWS Service Catalog start page. Choose Get started to create a portfolio. Follow the instructions to create your first portfolio, and then proceed to the Portfolios page.

While using AWS Service Catalog, you can return to the Portfolios page at any time; choose Service Catalog in the navigation bar and then choose Portfolios.

Viewing Portfolio Details

In the AWS Service Catalog administrator console, the Portfolio details page lists the settings for a portfolio. Use this page to manage the products in the portfolio, grant users access to products, and apply TagOptions and constraints.

To view the Portfolio details page
  1. Open the Service Catalog console at

  2. Choose the portfolio that you want to manage.