Managing All Provisioned Products as Administrator - AWS Service Catalog

Managing All Provisioned Products as Administrator

To manage all provisioned products for the account, you will need AWSServiceCatalogAdminFullAccess or equivalent access to the provisioned product write operations. For more information, see Identity and Access Management in AWS Service Catalog.

To view and manage all provisioned products

  1. Open the AWS Service Catalog console at

    If you are already logged in to the AWS Service Catalog console, choose Service Catalog, End user.

  2. If necessary, scroll down to the Provisioned products section.

  3. In the Provisioned products section, choose the View: list and select the level of access you wish to see: User, Role, or Account. This displays all the provisioned products in the catalog.

  4. Choose a provisioned product to view, update, or terminate. For more information about the information provided in this view, see Viewing Provisioned Product Information.