Creating applications - AWS Service Catalog AppRegistry

Creating applications

You create applications to group resources and metadata. After you enter a name and description for your application, you can associate resources, attribute groups, and tags with it. You can also share your application with other accounts in your organization.


When you create an application, AppRegistry vends a user tag called the AWS application tag on your behalf. You can add this tag to resources, so you can identify which resources are associated with an application. For more information, see The AWS application tag.

To create an AppRegistry application
  1. Open the AWS Service Catalog console at

  2. From the navigation pane, choose AppRegistry, and then choose Applications. You're directed to the Applications screen.

  3. On Applications, choose Create application.

  4. Under Application name and description, enter a name for your application. You can optionally enter a description for your application.

  5. (Optional) Under Application share configuration, choose Turn on cross-account sharing to share the application's visibility with accounts, organizational units, and organizations. For more information, see Sharing resources with accounts in your organization.

  6. (Optional) Under Resource collections, select resources to associate to your application. For more information, see Managing application definitions.

  7. (Optional) Under Attribute groups, select one or more attribute groups to associate to your application. For more information, see Managing attribute groups.

  8. (Optional) Under Application tags, create tags using key-value pairs to assign metadata to your application. For more information, see Managing tags.

  9. Confirm your application configuration, and then choose Create application.