Deleting provisioned products - AWS Service Catalog

Deleting provisioned products

To remove all AWS resources a provisioned product uses, delete the provisioned product.

Deleting a provisioned product terminates all resources and removes the provisioned product from your provisioned product list.

Delete a provisioned product only if you no longer need it. Before deleting a provisioned product, record any information about the provisioned product or its resources, which you might need later.

Before deleting a provisioned product, ensure it is in either the available or failed state. AWS Service Catalog can delete provisioned products only in these two states.

For more information on provisioned product status, see Viewing Provisioned Product Status.

To delete a provisioned product

  1. Navigate to the Provisioned product list page.

  2. Select the provisioned product, and then choose Terminate provisioned product.

  3. Verify the provisioned product you want to delete, and then choose Terminate.