Step 2: Verify your domain - Amazon Simple Email Service Classic

This is the user guide for Amazon SES Classic. Updates and new features are only being documented in the new Amazon SES Developer Guide which we recommend to use.

Step 2: Verify your domain

Before you can configure Amazon SES to receive email for your domain, you must prove that you own the domain. You can verify any domain that you own, but it is easier to verify domains that you registered using Route 53.


If your account is still in the Amazon SES sandbox, complete the procedure in Moving out of the Amazon SES sandbox before you complete the procedure in this section.

To verify a domain with Amazon SES

  1. Open the Amazon SES console at


    To complete the procedure in this section, sign in to the AWS Management Console using the same AWS account you used when you registered your domain with Route 53.

  2. In the navigation pane, under Identity Management, choose Domains.

  3. Choose Verify a New Domain.

  4. On the Verify a New Domain dialog box, for Domain, type the name of the domain that you registered using Route 53, and then choose Verify This Domain.

  5. On the Verify a New Domain dialog box, choose Use Route 53.


    If you don't see the Use Route 53 button, your domain may not be registered with Route 53. If you used another service to register your domain, you can verify the domain by completing the procedures in Verifying a domain with Amazon SES.

  6. On the Use Route 53 dialog box, select Domain Verification Record and Email Receiving Record. Then, under Hosted Zones, select the name of the Hosted Zone you want to use. If you haven't made any changes to the domain you registered using Route 53, there should only be one option available in the Hosted Zones section.


    If you've already set up mail exchanger (MX) records for your domain, the next step will replace those records with new ones.

  7. Choose Create Record Sets. You'll return to the list of domains.

  8. Wait five minutes, and then choose the refresh ( ) button. Confirm that the value in the Status column is verified. If the status is pending verification, wait a few more minutes, and then refresh the list again. Repeat this process until the domain's status is verified.

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