Amazon Simple Email Service
Developer Guide

Creating a Receipt Rule Set for Amazon SES Email Receiving

A receipt rule set is a collection of receipt rules that specify what Amazon SES should do with mail it receives across all of your domains. To use Amazon SES as your email receiver, you must create a receipt rule set for your account. For more information about the role of receipt rule sets in the email-receiving process, see Email-Receiving Concepts.

Only one receipt rule set can be active at a time. However, you can create multiple receipt rule sets. For example, it may be useful to have multiple receipt rule sets if you want to maintain a record of the receipt rules you used in the past, or if you need to change receipt rules rapidly for testing purposes.


If you do not want to use Amazon SES as your email receiver, simply disable all of your receipt rule sets. For information about how to disable receipt rule sets, see Managing Receipt Rule Sets.

You can use the Amazon SES console or API to create a receipt rule set.

  • Using the Amazon SES console

    • Receipt rules exist in receipt rule sets only, so to create a receipt rule set, you can start by creating a receipt rule. For more information, see Creating Receipt Rules. When you reach the end of this procedure, you can create a new receipt rule set.

    • Copy an existing receipt rule set as explained in Managing Receipt Rule Sets.

    • In the left navigation pane, under Email Receiving, choose Rule Sets, and then choose Create a New Rule Set.

  • Using the Amazon SES API—Use the CreateReceiptRuleSet API to create an empty receipt rule set, as described in the Amazon Simple Email Service API Reference. Then, you can use the Amazon SES console or the CreateReceiptRule API to add receipt rules to it.