Virtual Deliverability Manager for Amazon SES - Amazon Simple Email Service

Virtual Deliverability Manager for Amazon SES

Deliverability, or ensuring your emails reach recipient inboxes instead of spam or junk folders, is a core element of a successful email strategy.

Virtual Deliverability Manager is an Amazon SES feature that helps you enhance email deliverability, like increasing inbox deliverability and email conversions, by providing insights into your sending and delivery data, and giving advice on how to fix the issues that are negatively affecting your delivery success rate and reputation.

Why your inbox deliverability and sender reputation are important

Inbox deliverability is a key factor when it comes to email conversions (when a recipient takes an action after opening an email)—customers who don't receive your messages won't be able to see them, much less be able to engage with them.

Sending reputation has the largest influence on inbox deliverability at the customer experience level—it determines whether or not unwanted messages reach recipients or needed messages get routed to spam folders or blocked before getting the opportunity to reach the recipient mailboxes.

How Virtual Deliverability Manager can help improve deliverability and reputation

Virtual Deliverability Manager helps you improve both your deliverability and reputation with a dashboard that offers both high and detailed level views of your account’s email program to help focus on any problematic areas and an advisor that provides solutions to remediate infrastructure problems that are adversely affecting your email deliverability and reputation.

  • Dashboard – Provides insights into your deliverability data focusing on account, ISP, sending identity, and configuration set levels. This helps you to quickly see problematic areas and trends, and to catch possible problems before they turn into a larger deliverability issues like temporary refusals (deferrals) or blocks. These insights will also help you to improve your sender reputation by calculating ideal times and dates for better customer engagement and conversions for your email campaigns.

  • Advisor – Provides recommendations to improve your email sending by flagging configuration issues that are negatively affecting your email deliverability and reputation. It will recommend solutions to resolve specific issues in the infrastructure of your sending domain, IP space, and authentication records such as when SPF, DMARC, or DKIM records don’t exist, or if a DKIM key length is too short.

Getting started with Virtual Deliverability Manager

To start using Virtual Deliverability Manager, an onboarding wizard in the Amazon SES console will walk you through the steps of enabling Virtual Deliverability Manager for your account. See Getting started with Virtual Deliverability Manager.