Getting started with SimSpace Weaver - AWS SimSpace Weaver

Getting started with SimSpace Weaver

This section provides tutorials to help you get started with SimSpace Weaver. These tutorials introduce you to the general workflow for building simulations with SimSpace Weaver. In both tutorials, you will learn how to create, deploy, and run simulations in SimSpace Weaver. We recommend that you begin with the quick start tutorial to get a simulation running in minutes. Then, go through the detailed tutorial to learn more about each step in the process.

These tutorials use a sample application (PathfindingSample) included in the SimSpace Weaver app SDK .zip file that you downloaded during the setup procedures. The sample application demonstrates the concepts that all SimSpace Weaver simulations share, including spatial partitioning, cross-partition entity handoff, apps, and subscriptions.

In the tutorials, you will create a simulation with four spatial partitions. A separate instance of the PathfindingSample spatial app manages each individual partition. The spatial apps create entities in their own partitions. The entities move to a particular position in the simulation world, avoiding obstacles as they move. You can use a separate client application (included in the SimSpace Weaver app SDK) to view the simulation.