Snapshots - AWS SimSpace Weaver


You can create a snapshot to back up your simulation entity data at any point in time. SimSpace Weaver creates a .zip file in an Amazon S3 bucket. You can create a new simulation with the snapshot. SimSpace Weaver initializes the State Fabric of your new simulation with the entity data stored in the snapshot, starts the spatial and service apps that were running when the snapshot was created, and sets the clock to the appropriate tick. SimSpace Weaver gets the configuration of your simulation from the snapshot instead of from a schema file. Your app .zip files must be in the same location in Amazon S3 as they were in the original simulation. You must start any custom apps separately.

Use cases for snapshots

Return to a previous state and explore branching scenarios

You can create a snapshot of your simulation to save it at a specific state. You can then create multiple new simulations from that snapshot and explore different scenarios that could branch from that state.

Disaster recovery and security best practices

We recommend that you regularly backup your simulation, especially for simulations that run for more than 1 hour or use multiple workers. Backups can help you recover from disasters and security incidents. Snapshots provide a way for you to backup your simulation. Snapshots require your app .zip files to exist in the same location in Amazon S3 as they were before. If you need to be able to move your app .zip files to another location, you must use a custom backup solution.

For more information about other best practices, see Best practices when working with SimSpace Weaver and Security best practices for SimSpace Weaver.

Extend the duration of your simulation

Your simulation resource is the representation of your simulation in SimSpace Weaver. All simulation resources have a MaximumDuration setting. A simulation resource automatically stops when it reaches its MaximumDuration. The maximum value of MaximumDuration is 14D (14 days).

If you need your simulation to persist longer than the MaximumDuration of its simulation resource, you can create a snapshot before the simulation resource reaches its MaximumDuration. You can start a new simulation (create a new simulation resource) with your snapshot. SimSpace Weaver initializes your entity data from the snapshot, starts the same spatial and service apps that ran before, and restores the clock. You can start your custom apps and perform any additional custom initialization. You can set the MaximumDuration of the new simulation resource to a different value when you start it.