Welcome to the AWS SSO Identity Store API Reference Guide - AWS SSO Identity Store

Welcome to the AWS SSO Identity Store API Reference Guide

The AWS Single Sign-On (SSO) Identity Store service provides a single place to retrieve all of your identities (users and groups). For more information about AWS SSO, see the AWS Single Sign-On User Guide.

This guide describes the AWS SSO Identity Store operations that you can call programatically and includes detailed information on data types and errors. Future updates to AWS SSO Identity Store APIs, including additions for creation and modification of users and groups, will be documented in this reference as they are released.

  • The Identity Store API operations were built to support AWS SSO assignment API operations by providing the required identifiers for users and groups. The scope of these API operations is currently limited to only this functionality and does not include generic operations, such as listing all users or groups in the AWS SSO Identity Store.

  • AWS provides SDKs that consist of libraries and sample code for various programming languages and platforms (Java, Ruby, .Net, iOS, Android, and more). The SDKs provide a convenient way to create programmatic access to AWS Directory Service and other AWS services. For more information about the AWS SDKs, including how to download and install them, see Tools for Amazon Web Services.