View user and group assignments - AWS IAM Identity Center

View user and group assignments

You can see who has access to what in IAM Identity Center from the Users and Groups pages. Use this procedure to view the level of access that users have to AWS accounts, permission sets, applications, and groups.

  1. Open the IAM Identity Center console.

  2. Choose Users or Groups based on whether you want to edit a group of users or one user that was assigned individually.

  3. Choose a user or group from the list.

  4. Choose whether you want to view account assignments, application assignments, or group assignments:

    • AWS account and permission set assignments

      1. Choose the Accounts tab.

      2. Select an account from the list to view user and group permission set assignments.

      3. Select a permission set to view to view policy and assignment details.

    • Application assignments

      1. Choose the Applications tab to view which applications are assigned to a user or group.

      2. Select an application from the list to view assignment details.

    • Group assignments

      1. From the Users page, choose the Groups tab.

      2. Select a group to view group assignments for a user.