Set relay state - AWS Single Sign-On

Set relay state

During the federation authentication process, the relay state redirects users within the AWS Management Console. You can specify a relay state URL to redirect links to any service in the AWS Management Console. For example, the below illustration shows the process for redirecting to the S3 console (

Use the following procedure to modify the relay state URL for a given permission set.

To set the relay state

  1. Open the AWS SSO console.

  2. Choose AWS accounts.

  3. Choose the Permission sets tab.

  4. Choose the name of the permission set where you want to change the new relay state URL.

  5. On the Permissions tab, under the General section, choose Edit.

  6. Next to Relay state, type a URL value for any of the AWS services, and then choose Continue.

  7. Select the AWS accounts in the list that you want the new relay state value to apply to, and then choose Reprovision.