Large Data Migration with Snowball Edge - AWS Snowball Edge Developer Guide

Large Data Migration with Snowball Edge

Large data migration is the transfer of existing data greater than 500 TB from your on-premise devices to AWS. The migration requires careful planning and preparation to ensure that all the data has been successfully migrated to AWS. When data migration is complete, you can perform post-migration activities including planning, creating backups, quality testing, and validation of results.

We recommend that you have a data migration strategy in place before starting your migration to avoid the potential for missed deadlines, exceeding budgets and migration failures. AWS Snow services helps you to place, order, and track your large data migration projects via the large data migration feature in the AWS console.

The topics, Planning Your Large Transfer and Calibrating a Large Transfer describe a manual data migration process. You can streamline the manual steps as described in the topics Creating a Large Data Migration Plan and Using the Large Data Migration Plan.