Monitoring the Import Status - AWS Snowball Edge Developer Guide

Monitoring the Import Status

To monitor the status of your import job in the console, sign in to the AWS Snow Family Management Console in the AWS Region where the job was created. Choose the job you want to track from the table, or search for it by your chosen parameters in the search bar above the table. After you select the job, detailed information appears for that job within the table, including a bar that shows real-time status of your job.


If we are unable to import data to our data centers from the Snow device due to any issue with access permissions you have configured, we will attempt to notify you and you will have 30 days from the date we provide the notification to resolve the issue. If the issue is not resolved, we may cancel your AWS Snow Family job and delete data from the device.

After your device arrives at AWS, your job status changes from In transit to AWS to At AWS. On average, it takes a day for your data import into Amazon S3 to begin. When it does, the status of your job changes to Importing. It will take approximately the same amount of time for AWS to import your data from the Snow Family device as it did for you to move it to the Snow Family device. After your data is imported, the job status changes to Completed status.

Now your first data import job into Amazon S3 using AWS Snowball is complete. You can get a report about the data transfer from the console. To access this report from the console, select the job from the table, and expand it to reveal the job's detailed information. Choose Get report to download your job completion report as a PDF file. For more information, see Getting your job completion report and logs.

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