Receiving the Snowball Edge - AWS Snowball Edge Developer Guide

Receiving the Snowball Edge

When you receive the AWS Snowball Edge device, you might notice that it doesn't come in a box. The device is its own physically rugged shipping container. When the device first arrives, inspect it for damage or obvious tampering. If you notice anything that looks suspicious about the device, don't connect it to your internal network. Instead, contact AWS Support and inform them of the issue so that a new device can be shipped to you.


The AWS Snowball Edge device is the property of AWS. Tampering with an AWS Snowball Edge device is a violation of the AWS Acceptable Use Policy. For more information, see AWS Acceptable Use Policy.

The device looks like the following image.

Device with front and top covers closed. Case of device is gray and handles on top are orange. E Ink display visble on top.

If you're ready to connect the device to your internal network, see the next section.

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