Deploy this solution to easily analyze and improve advertising and marketing campaigns that run on Amazon Ads - Amazon Marketing Cloud Insights on AWS

Deploy this solution to easily analyze and improve advertising and marketing campaigns that run on Amazon Ads

Publication date: December 2022 (last update: July 2024)

Advertisers and agencies often ask how they can use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to improve performance and understanding of their campaigns running on Amazon Ads. For example, customers want to use AWS to query and analyze results from Amazon Ads' cloud-based data clean room, Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), that allows them to perform custom campaign analytics with strict safeguards around data privacy and security. Builders seeking to use the AMC API in combination with AWS need to allocate development resources to submit specialized queries to an AMC instance, load AMC output into an AWS account, prepare and catalog datasets for analytics, and connect data tools for Business Intelligence (BI). This also requires customers to provision infrastructure in their AWS account, including deployment and configuration of storage, data processing, ETL, and visualization.

Amazon Marketing Cloud Insights on AWS helps advertisers and agencies running campaigns on Amazon Ads to easily deploy AWS services to store, query, analyze, and visualize reporting from the AMC API, reducing development time from weeks to hours. The solution uses a ready-to-deploy code repository available on GitHub to automatically provision Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and AWS Glue, with services pre-configured to run queries in AMC and visualize reports. Analysts and developers with an active AMC instance can use the solution to run queries and monitor ongoing campaign performance across customer metrics and dimensions. As one example, an advertiser can use this solution to combine AMC API results from multiple brand campaigns inside AWS, and surface consumer segments that have a high propensity to purchase products, and prioritize high-performing segments for increased ad spending while reducing wasteful ad spending.

This guide is intended for solution architects, business decision makers, DevOps engineers, data scientists, and cloud professionals who want to implement Amazon Marketing Cloud Insights on AWS in their environment.

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The estimated cost for running this solution in the US East Region is USD $171.40 per month.

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