Cost - QnABot on AWS


You are responsible for the cost of the AWS services used while running this solution. As of September 2022, the cost for running this solution with the default settings in the Default AWS Region (US East (N. Virginia) is approximately $555.83 per month.


Amazon Kendra and Amazon Connect are not part of the default solution implementation, but the solution does provide the capability to integrate with them. Because the solution does not create resources for Amazon Kendra or Amazon Connect automatically, they are not included in the example cost table. We recommend reviewing Amazon Kendra pricing and Amazon Connect pricing, if you choose to integrate these services.

We recommend creating a budget through AWS Cost Explorer to help manage costs. Prices are subject to change. For full details, refer to the pricing web page for each AWS service used in this solution.

Sample cost table

The following table provides an example monthly cost breakdown for deploying this solution with the default parameters in the US East (N. Virginia) Region (excludes free tier).

Table 1: 10 monthly active users, with 50,000 API requests per month with Amazon Lex

AWS Service Dimensions Cost
Amazon API Gateway 1,000,000 RESTAPI per month $3.50
Amazon Cognito

1,000 active users per month without the advanced security feature

Amazon CloudFront

1,000,000 requests — 1 request per download with the static bucket size of 100 KB and approximately 20 GB data transfer


Amazon S3 100GB data transfer + 1,000,000 requests — 100 records x 100 KB from Kinesis $3.27
AWS Lambda

2,000,000 requests with 200ms duration


Systems Manager Parameter Store 2,000,000 requests with 10 standard parameters $0.00
Amazon Lex 100,000 text requests per month $75.00
Kinesis Data Firehose 100,000 records per month with 100KB per record $0.28
Amazon DynamoDB 1GB storage + 1 read and 1 write per second + 20 hours peak read/write per month $11.41
Amazon Polly 10,000 requests + 50 characters per request $4.00
Amazon Translate 100,000 requests + 50 characters per request (OPTIONAL for non-English) $75.00
Amazon Comprehend 100,000 requests + 50 characters per request $5.00
Amazon OpenSearch Service M6g.large instance running all hours in a month for 4 nodes $368.64
TOTAL: $555.83/month