Configuring network parameters - AWS Storage Gateway

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Configuring network parameters

After the server boots up, you can enter your first password in the hardware console as described in Rack-mounting your hardware appliance and connecting it to power.

Next, on the hardware console take the following steps to configure network parameters so your hardware appliance can connect to AWS.

To set a network address
  1. Choose Configure Network and press the Enter key. The Configure Network screen shown following appears.

                        hardware appliance console configure network screen.
  2. For IP Address, enter a valid IPv4 address from one of the following sources:

    • Use the IPv4 address assigned by your Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server to your physical network port.

      If you do so, note this IPv4 address for later use in the activation step.

    • Assign a static IPv4 address. To do so, choose Static in the em1 section and press Enter to view the Configure Static IP screen shown following.

      The em1 section is at upper left section in the group of port settings.

    After you have entered a valid IPv4 address, press the Down arrow or Tab.


    If you configure any other interface, it must provide the same always-on connection to the AWS endpoints listed in the requirements.

                        hardware appliance console configure NIC to static IP screen.
  3. For Subnet, enter a valid subnet mask, and then press Down arrow.

  4. For Gateway, enter your network gateway’s IPv4 address, and then press Down arrow.

  5. For DNS1, enter the IPv4 address for your Domain Name Service (DNS) server, and then press Down arrow.

  6. (Optional) For DNS2, enter a second IPv4 address, and then press Down arrow. A second DNS server assignment would provide additional redundancy should the first DNS server become unavailable.

  7. Choose Save and then press Enter to save your static IPv4 address setting for the appliance.

To log out of the hardware console
  1. Choose Back to return to the Main screen.

  2. Choose Logout to return to the Login screen.

Next step

Activating your hardware appliance