AWS-RunPacker - AWS Systems Manager Automation runbook reference



This runbook uses the HashiCorp Packer tool to validate, fix, or build packer templates that are used to create machine images. This runbook uses Packer v1.7.2.


If you specify a vpc_id value, you must also specify the subnet_id value of a public subnet. Unless you modify your subnet's IPv4 public addressing attribute, you must also set associate_public_ip_address to true.

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Linux, macOS, Windows


  • AutomationAssumeRole

    Type: String

    Description: (Optional) The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role that allows Systems Manager Automation to perform the actions on your behalf. If no role is specified, Systems Manager Automation uses the permissions of the user that starts this runbook.

  • Force

    Type: Boolean

    Description: A Packer option to force a builder to run when artifacts from a previous build otherwise prevent a build from running.

  • Mode

    Type: String

    Description: The mode, or command, in which to use Packer when validating against the template. Options include Build , Validate , and Fix .

  • TemplateFileName

    Type: String

    Description: The name, or key, of the template file in the S3 bucket.

  • TemplateS3BucketName

    Type: String

    Description: The name of the S3 bucket containing the packer template.

Document Steps

RunPackerProcessTemplate – Runs the selected mode against the template using the Packer tool.


RunPackerProcessTemplate.output – The stdout from the Packer tool.

RunPackerProcessTemplate.fixed_template_key – The name of the template stored in an S3 bucket to use only when running in "Fix" mode.

RunPackerProcessTemplate.s3_bucket – The name of the S3 bucket that contains the fixed template to use only when running in "Fix" mode.