Creating OpsItems manually (console) - AWS Systems Manager

Creating OpsItems manually (console)

You can manually create OpsItems using the AWS Systems Manager console. When you create an OpsItem, it's displayed in your OpsCenter account. If you set up OpsCenter for cross-account administration, OpsCenter provides the delegated administrator or management account with the option to create OpsItems for selected member accounts. For more information, see (Optional) Setting up OpsCenter to centrally manage OpsItems across accounts.

To create an OpsItem using the AWS Systems Manager console
  1. Open the AWS Systems Manager console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose OpsCenter.

  3. Choose Create OpsItem. If you don't see this button, choose the OpsItems tab, and then choose Create OpsItem.

  4. (Optional) Choose Other account, and then choose the account where you want to create the OpsItem.


    This step is required if you're creating OpsItems for a member account.

  5. For Title, enter a descriptive name to help you understand the purpose of the OpsItem.

  6. For Source, enter the type of impacted AWS resource or other source information to help users understand the origin of the OpsItem.


    You can't edit the Source field after you create the OpsItem.

  7. (Optional) For Priority, choose the priority level.

  8. (Optional) For Severity, choose the severity level.

  9. (Optional) For Category, choose a category.

  10. For Description, enter information about this OpsItem including (if applicable) steps for reproducing the issue.


    The console supports most markdown formatting in the OpsItem description field. For more information, see Using Markdown in the Console in the Getting Started with the AWS Management Console Getting Started Guide.

  11. For Deduplication string, enter words that the system can use to check for duplicate OpsItems. For more information about deduplication strings, see Managing duplicate OpsItems.

  12. (Optional) For Notifications, specify the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the Amazon SNS topic where you want notifications sent when this OpsItem is updated. You must specify an Amazon SNS ARN that is in the same AWS Region as the OpsItem.

  13. (Optional) For Related resources, choose Add to specify the ID or ARN of the impacted resource and any related resources.

  14. Choose Create OpsItem.

If successful, the page displays the OpsItem. When a delegated administrator or management account creates an OpsItem for selected member accounts, the new OpsItems are displayed in the OpsCenter of the administrator and members accounts. For information about how to configure the options in an OpsItem, see Manage OpsItems.