AWS Systems Manager
User Guide

Troubleshooting AWS Systems Manager Distributor

The following information can help you troubleshoot problems that might occur when you use Distributor.

Wrong Package with the Same Name Is Installed

Problem: You've installed a package, but AWS Systems Manager Distributor installed a different package instead.

Cause: During installation, AWS Systems Manager finds AWS-published packages as results before user-defined external packages. If your user-defined package name is the same as an AWS-published package name, the AWS package is installed instead of your package.

Solution: To avoid this problem, name your package something different from the name for an AWS-published package.

Error: Failed to Retrieve Manifest: Could not find latest version of package

Problem: You received an error like the following:

Failed to retrieve manifest: ResourceNotFoundException: Could not find the latest version of package arn:aws:ssm:::package/packagename status code: 400, request id: guid

Cause: You are using a version of SSM Agent with Systems Manager Distributor that is earlier than version

Solution: Update the version of SSM Agent to version or later. For more information, see Update SSM Agent by using Run Command or Automatically Update SSM Agent (CLI).