Monitoring Automation metrics using Amazon CloudWatch - AWS Systems Manager

Monitoring Automation metrics using Amazon CloudWatch

Metrics are the fundamental concept in Amazon CloudWatch. A metric represents a time-ordered set of data points that are published to CloudWatch. Think of a metric as a variable to monitor and the data points as representing the values of that variable over time.

Automation is a capability of AWS Systems Manager. Systems Manager publishes metrics about Automation usage to CloudWatch. This allows you to set alarms based on those metrics.

To view Automation metrics in the CloudWatch console

  1. Open the CloudWatch console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Metrics.

  3. Choose SSM.

  4. On the Metrics tab, choose Usage, and then choose By AWS Resource.

  5. In the search box near the list of metrics, enter SSM.

To view Automation metrics using the AWS CLI

Open a command prompt, and use the following command.

aws cloudwatch list-metrics \ --namespace "AWS/Usage"

Automation metrics

Systems Manager sends the following Automation metrics to CloudWatch.

Metric Description
ConcurrentAutomationUsage The number of automations running at the same time in the current AWS account and AWS Region.
QueuedAutomationUsage The number of automations currently queued that have not started and have a status of Pending.

For more information about working with CloudWatch metrics, see the following topics in the Amazon CloudWatch User Guide: