Configuring instance tiers - AWS Systems Manager

Configuring instance tiers

AWS Systems Manager offers a standard-instances tier and an advanced-instances tier for servers and VMs in your hybrid environment. The standard-instances tier enables you to register a maximum of 1,000 on-premises servers or VMs per AWS account per AWS Region. If you need to register more than 1,000 on-premises servers or VMs in a single account and Region, then use the advanced-instances tier. You can activate as many managed instances in a hybrid environment as you like in the advanced-instances tier. However, all instances configured for Systems Manager using the managed-instance activation process described in Create a managed-instance activation for a hybrid environment are made available on a pay-per-use basis. This also applies to EC2 instances that use a Systems Manager on-premises activation (which is not a common scenario).

As long as your AWS account and Region has fewer than 1,000 on-premises instances in your hybrid environment, you can revert back to the standard-instances tier at any time.