Creating an interface VPC endpoint for Timestream for LiveAnalytics - Amazon Timestream

Creating an interface VPC endpoint for Timestream for LiveAnalytics

You can create an interface VPC endpoint for the Timestream for LiveAnalytics service using either the Amazon VPC console or the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI). To create a VPC endpoint for Timestream, complete the Timestream-specific steps described below.


Before completing the steps below, ensure that you understand specific considerations for Timestream VPC endpoints.

Constructing a VPC endpoint service name using your Timestream cell

Because of Timestream's unique architecture, separate VPC interface endpoints must be created for each SDK (Write and Query). Additionally, you must specify a Timestream cell endpoint (you will only be able to create an endpoint for the Timestream cell that you are mapped to). To use Interface VPC Endpoints to directly connect to Timestream from within your VPC, complete the steps below:

  1. First, find an available Timestream cell endpoint. To find an available cell endpoint, use the DescribeEndpoints action (available through both the Write and Query APIs) to list the cell endpoints available in your Timestream account. See the example for further details.

  2. Once you've selected a cell endpoint to use, create a VPC interface endpoint string for either the Timestream Write or Query API:

    • For the Write API:

    • For the Query API:


    where <region> is a valid AWS region code and <cell> is one of the cell endpoint addresses (such as cell1 or cell2) returned in the Endpoints object by the DescribeEndpoints action. See the example for further details.

  3. Now that you have constructed a VPC endpoint service name, create an interface endpoint. When asked to provide a VPC endpoint service name, use the VPC endpoint service name that you constructed in Step 2.

Example: Constructing your VPC endpoint service name

In the following example, the DescribeEndpoints action is executed in the AWS CLI using the Write API in the us-west-2 region:

aws timestream-write describe-endpoints --region us-west-2

This command will return the following output:

{ "Endpoints": [ { "Address": "", "CachePeriodInMinutes": 1440 } ] }

In this case, cell1 is the <cell> , and us-west-2 is the <region>. So, the resulting VPC endpoint service name will look like:

Now that you've created an interface VPC endpoint for Timestream for LiveAnalytics, create a VPC endpoint policy for Timestream for LiveAnalytics.