Amazon Transcribe
Developer Guide

Streaming Transcription

Amazon Transcribe streaming transcription enables you to send an audio stream and receive a stream of text in real time. The API makes it easy for developers to add real-time speech-to-text capability to their applications.

You can use streaming transcription in the following languages:

  • British English (en-GB)

  • US English (en-US)

  • French (fr-FR)

  • Canadian French (fr-CA)

  • US Spanish (es-US)

Amazon Transcribe streaming transcription can be used for a variety of purposes. For example:

  • Streaming transcriptions can generate real-time subtitles for live broadcast media.

  • Lawyers can make real-time annotations on top of streaming transcriptions during courtroom depositions.

  • Video game chat can be transcribed in real time so that hosts can moderate content or run real-time analysis.

  • Streaming transcriptions can provide assistance to the hearing impaired.

Streaming transcription does not support channel identification or speaker identification. Use the StartTranscriptionJob operation if you need these features.

To make it easier to get started, we provide a streaming client that handles retrying the connection when there are transient problems on the network. You can use this client as a starting point for your own applications.