Customizing your translations with Amazon Translate - Amazon Translate

Customizing your translations with Amazon Translate

You can use the following settings to customize the translations that you produce with Amazon Translate:

  • Do-not-translate tags – Use start and end tags to specify content that you don't want to translate (in HTML content).

  • Custom terminology – Define how you want Amazon Translate to translate specific terms, such as brand names.

  • Brevity – Reduces the length of the translation output for most translations (compared to the translation output without brevity). Use brevity with real-time text translations.

  • Profanity – Mask profane words and phrases in your translation output.

  • Formality – Set the level of language formality in your translation output.

  • Parallel data – Adapt the translation output to reflect the style, tone, and word choices in the example translation samples that you provide.