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Amazon Elastic Container Registry Push Image


Pushes a Docker image identified by name, with optional tag, or image ID to the Elastic Container Registry (ECR).


This task pushes a Docker image to the Elastic Container Registry. The image to push can be identified using its image ID or by name, with optional tag suffix. The task handles the work of appropriately tagging the image as required by ECR and also the login process to your registry prior to executing the Docker Push command.


You can set the following parameters for the task. Required parameters are noted by an asterisk (*). Other parameters are optional.


The default name of the task, AWS Systems Manager Get Parameter. You can rename it or append the name of the associated Parameter Store parameter or parameter path to it.

AWS Credentials*

The AWS credentials to use. If needed, choose +, and then add a new AWS connection.

AWS Region*

The AWS Region name to use. For more information, see Regions and Endpoints in the Amazon Web Services General Reference.

Image Identity*

How the image to be pushed is identified. You can select from either the image ID or the image name. If name is selected, a tag can also be specified.

Source Image Name

Required if Image Identity is set to image name. Specifies the name of the image to push.

Source Image Tag

Optional tag that can be suffixed to the image name. If a tag is not specified, 'latest' is assumed.

Source Image ID

Required if Image Identity is set to image ID. The ID of the image to push.

Target Repository Name*

The name of the repository to which the image will be pushed.

Target Repository Tag

Optional tag for the new image in the repository. If not specified, ECR will assume 'latest'.

Create repository if it does not exist

If checked, the task will check to see if the repository exists and if it does not, will attempt to create it.

Image Tag Output Variable

The name of a build variable that will be created or updated with the pushed image reference. The image tag will be of the form, where imagename is in the format repositoryname[:tag]