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AWS Lambda .NET Core Deployment Task


Builds and deploys a .NET Core AWS Lambda function or serverless application. For other languages supported by Lambda, please refer to the AWS Lambda Deploy Function task.


Applications based on Lambda (also referred to as serverless applications) are composed of functions triggered by events. A typical serverless application consists of one or more functions triggered by events such as object uploads to Amazon S3, Amazon SNS notifications, and API actions. Those functions can stand alone or use other resources such as Amazon DynamoDB tables or Amazon S3 buckets. The most basic serverless application is simply a function.


You can set the following parameters for the task. Required parameters are noted by an asterisk (*). Other parameters are optional.


The default name of the task, AWS Lambda .NET Core Deployment. You can rename it.

AWS Credentials*

The AWS credentials to use. If needed, choose +, and then add a new AWS connection.

AWS Region*

The AWS Region name to use. For more information, see Regions and Endpoints in the Amazon Web Services General Reference.

Path to Lambda Project*

The relative path to the location of the Lambda project.

Deployment Type*

Either Function or Serverless application.

Function performs a single Lambda function deloyment. Serverless application performs a deployment with AWS CloudFormation, allowing a multiple function deployment.

Function Deployment: Lambda Function Properties

Function Name

The name of the Lambda function to invoke. You can also specify the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the function.

Function Role

The name of the IAM role providing access to AWS services for the deployed Lambda function.

Function Handler

The function within your code that Lambda calls to begin execution. The format is <assembly-name>::<type-name>::<function-name>.

Function Memory (MB)

The memory allocated to the Lambda function. The value must be in multiples of 64.

Function Timout (Seconds)

The function execution time at which Lambda should terminate the function.

Serverless Application Deployment: Serverless Application Properties

Stack Name

AWS CloudFormation stack name. A stack is a collection of AWS resources that you can manage as a single unit.

S3 Bucket

The S3 bucket used to store the built project.

S3 Prefix

The S3 object key prefix used for the objects uploaded to Amazon S3.


Additional Command Line Arguments for Lambda Tools

Additional arguments you can use when executing the dotnet lambda command.