Architect apps for Wavelength - AWS Wavelength

Architect apps for Wavelength

Wavelength Zones are designed for the following workloads:

  • Applications that need to connect to compute from 5G mobile devices with ultra-low latency

  • Applications that need consistent data rates from mobile devices to compute in a Wavelength Zone

Review Wavelength considerations and quotas, which includes information about available Wavelength Zones, service differences, and Service Quotas.

Consider the following factors when using Wavelength Zones:

  • Wavelength Zones are designed for application components that are latency-sensitive.

  • AWS recommends that you architect the edge applications in a hub and spoke model with the Region to provide the most scalable, resilient, and cost effective options for components. For more information, see Best practices

  • Services that run in Wavelength Zones have different compliance than services in an AWS Region. For more information, see Compliance validation for AWS Wavelength.

Wavelength Zones have network access that is specific to a telecommunication carrier and location. Therefore, you might need to have multiple Wavelength Zones for your latency-sensitive applications to meet your latency requirements. For more information, see Networking considerations.

Discover the closest Wavelength Zone endpoint

You can use the following procedures to have client devices discover the closest Wavelength Zone endpoint, for example an EC2 instance:

  • Register the instance with a discovery service such as AWS Cloud Map. For information about how to register an instance, see Registering Instances in the AWS Cloud Map Developer Guide.

  • Applications that run on client devices can run latency tests such as ping from the client to select the best endpoint that is registered in AWS Cloud Map, or can use the geolocation data from the mobile device.

Best practices

Run the following components in the Region:

  • Components that are less latency sensitive

  • Components that need to be shared across Zones

  • Components that need to persist state, such as databases

Run the application components that need ultra-low latency and higher bandwidth over 5G mobile networks in Wavelength Zones.

For optimal throughput, AWS recommends that you use a public service endpoint when applications in the Wavelength Zone need to connect to AWS services in the parent Region.