Management and Governance Cloud Environment Guide - Management and Governance Cloud Environment Guide

Management and Governance Cloud Environment Guide

Publication date: November 22, 2021 (Document history)

Customers of every size and industry type are moving to the cloud to increase their security, agility, cost efficiency, scalability, and ability to deploy more easily. Many customers are asking for our guidance to help them ensure their AWS environments meet those requirements. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well-Architected Management and Governance Cloud Environment Guide (M&G Guide) provides clear guidance for you to follow. This guidance includes answers to key questions, recommended guardrails, and identifying AWS services and solutions from AWS Partners to help you build development, test, and production workloads at scale regardless of the stage of cloud adoption you are in. This document can be read in its entirety or by individual section depending on the focus of the reader.

The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) helps you develop and run efficient and effective plans for your cloud adoption journey focused on people and processes. The M&G Guide builds on the CAF principles, offering prescriptive guidance with a focus on the technology. Cerner Corporation, a global health platform and technology company, completed an initiative in collaboration with AWS Professional Services to re-shape their cloud capabilities to support a growing, diverse, and global customer base:

“Cerner has been operating about 50–100 accounts in AWS for years, but our strategy was very decentralized with regard to governance. We have business drivers to enable HITRUST compliance, which we combined with many other frameworks to create our Cerner Controls Framework (for example, compliance requirements). These requirements drove us to rethink how we applied governance principles in our cloud operating model through centralized governance. We could have moved faster and delivered value to our business in a more deliberate way had the AWS Management & Governance Cloud Environment Guide been available at the time. Every section would have created value for us as it really plants a flag in the ground to help distill AWS Best Practices from all the various people and places into a clear starting point. "

- Eric Wright, Senior Director Cloud Engineering, Cerner Corporation

- Phil Brown, Director & Principal Engineer Cloud Engineering, Cerner Corporation

Based on our experiences from thousands of successful migrations, the M&G Guide helps decision makers, cloud, networking, and security architects configure their AWS environments to prepare for scale and evaluate if their environment is configured properly. The M&G Guide includes the following:

  • Description of each of the management and governance functions.

  • Information on how the functions interact and interoperate with each other to provide efficient management and governance.

  • Detailed implementation priorities helping you to know what steps to take, and in what order.

  • Recommended AWS services for each function.

  • AWS Partner solutions available in AWS Marketplace that support multi-account environments and work with AWS Control Tower.

  • Implementation guidance as architectural diagrams, guides, and product videos.

  • Aligned offerings and delivery kits from AWS Professional Services.

  • Turnkey complementary solutions and consulting services from Built on Control Tower - AWS Partners.

Diagram showing how the Well-Architected Framework pillars and the eight management and governance functions interoperate to provide a migration ready, scale ready, innovation ready, optimized, and efficient AWS environment.

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