Publishing an update to a custom lens - AWS Well-Architected Tool

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Publishing an update to a custom lens

To publish an update to an existing custom lens
  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the AWS Well-Architected Tool console at

  2. In the left navigation pane, choose Custom lenses.

  3. Select the desired custom lens and choose Edit.

  4. If you do not have an updated JSON file ready, choose Download file to download a copy of the current custom lens. Edit the downloaded JSON file with your favorite text editor and make your desired changes.

  5. Choose Choose file to select your updated JSON file and choose Submit & Preview to preview the custom lens, or Submit to submit the custom lens without previewing.

    A custom lens cannot exceed 500 KB in size.

    After AWS WA Tool validates your JSON file, your custom lens is displayed in Custom lenses in DRAFT status.

  6. Select the custom lens again and choose Publish lens.

  7. Choose Review changes before publishing to verify that the changes made to your custom lens are correct. This includes validating:

    • The name of the custom lens

    • The pillar names

    • The new, updated, and deleted questions

    Choose Next.

  8. Specify the type of version change.

    Major version

    Indicates that substantial changes have been made to the lens. Use for changes that impact the meaning of the custom lens.

    Any workloads with the lens applied will be notified that a new version of the custom lens is available.

    Major version changes are not automatically applied to workloads using the lens.

    Minor version

    Indicates that minor changes have been made to the lens. Use for small changes, such as text changes or updates to the URL links.

    Minor version changes are automatically applied to workloads using the custom lens.

    Choose Next.

  9. In the Version name box, enter a unique identifier for the version change. This value can be up to 32 characters and must only contain alphanumeric characters and periods (".").

  10. Choose Publish custom lens.

    After a custom lens has been published, it's in PUBLISHED status.

The updated custom lens can now be applied to workloads or shared with other AWS accounts or users.

If the update is a major version change, any workloads with the previous version of the lens applied will be notified that a new version is available and given the option to upgrade.

Minor version updates are automatically applied without any notification.

You can create up to 100 versions of a custom lens.