Documenting a Workload - AWS Well-Architected Tool

Documenting a Workload

After a workload is defined, you document its state.

To document the state of a workload

  1. After you initially define a workload, you see a page that shows the current details of your workload. Choose Start reviewing to begin.

    Otherwise, in the left navigation pane, choose Workloads and select the name of the workload to open the workload details page. Choose Continue reviewing.

  2. You are now presented with the first question. For each question:

    1. Read the question and determine if the question applies to your workload.

      For additional guidance, choose Info and view the information in the right panel.

      • If the question does not apply to your workload, choose Question does not apply to this workload.

      • Otherwise, select the best practices that you are currently following from the list.

        If you are currently not following any of the best practices, choose None of these.

      For additional guidance on any item, choose Info and view the information in the right panel.

    2. (Optional) Use the Notes box to record information related to the question.

      For example, you might describe why the question does not apply or provide additional details about the best practices selected.

    3. Choose Next to continue to the next question.

    Repeat these steps for each question in each pillar.

  3. Choose Save and exit at any time to save your changes and pause documenting your workload.

To return to the questions, go to the workload details page and choose Continue reviewing.

Question Page

The question page has three panels.

                    Picture showing a question and best practices.
  1. In the left panel, the questions for each pillar are shown. Questions that you have answered are marked Done and questions that do not apply to this workload are marked with N/A. The number of questions answered in each pillar is shown next to the pillar name.

    You can navigate to questions in other pillars by choosing the pillar name and then choosing the question you want to answer.

  2. In the middle panel, the current question is displayed. Select the best practices that you are following. Choose Info to get additional information about the question or a best practice.

    Use the buttons at the bottom of this panel to go to the next question, return to the previous question, or save your changes and exit.

  3. In the right panel, additional information and helpful resources are displayed.