Step 1: Define a workload - AWS Well-Architected Tool

Step 1: Define a workload

You begin by defining a workload.

To define a workload

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the AWS Well-Architected Tool console at


    The IAM user who documents the workload state must have full access permissions to AWS WA Tool.

  2. In the Define a workload section, choose Define workload.

  3. In the Name box, enter Retail Website - North America as the workload name.

  4. In the Description box, enter a description for the workload.

  5. In the Review owner box, enter the name of the person responsible for the workload review process.

  6. In the Environment box, indicate that the workload is in a production environment.

  7. Our workload runs on both AWS and at our local data center:

    1. Select AWS Regions, and choose the two Regions in North America where the workload runs.

    2. Also select Non-AWS regions, and enter a name for the local data center.

  8. The Account IDs box is optional. Do not associate any AWS accounts with this workload.

  9. The Architectural diagram box is optional. Do not associate an architectural diagram with this workload.

  10. The Industry type and Industry boxes are optional and are not specified for this workload.

  11. For this example, do not apply any tags to the workload. Choose Next.

  12. For this example, apply the AWS Well-Architected Framework lens, which is automatically selected. Choose Define workload to save these values and define the workload.

  13. After the workload is defined, choose Start reviewing to begin documenting the state of the workload.