Step 2: Document the workload state - AWS Well-Architected Tool

Step 2: Document the workload state

To document the state of the workload, you are presented with questions for the selected lens that span the pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and sustainability.

For each question, choose the best practices that you are following from the list provided. If you need details about a best practice, choose Info and view the additional information and resources in the right panel.

Choose Ask an expert to access the AWS re:Post community dedicated to AWS Well-Architected. In this community, you can ask questions related to designing, building, deploying, and operating workloads on AWS.

                Picture showing the question and answer portion of a workload
  1. Choose Next to proceed to the next question. You can use the left panel to navigate to a different question in the same pillar or to a question in a different pillar.

  2. If you choose Question does not apply to this workload or None of these, AWS recommends that you include the reason in the Notes box. These notes are included as part of the workload report and can be helpful in the future as changes are made to the workload.


    Optionally, you can mark one or more individual best practices as not applicable. Choose Mark best practice(s) that don't apply to this workload and select the best practice that does not apply. You can optionally select a reason and provide additional details. Repeat for each best practice that does not apply.

                        Picture showing marking a best practice as not applicable.

    You can pause this process at any time by choosing Save and exit.To resume later, open the AWS WA Tool console and choose Workloads in the left navigation pane.

  3. Select the name of the workload to open the workload details page.

  4. Choose Continue reviewing and then navigate to where you left off.

  5. After you complete all of the questions, an overview page for the workload appears. You can review these details now or navigate to them later by choosing Workloads in the left navigation pane and selecting the workload name.

After documenting the state of your workload for the first time, you should save a milestone and generate a workload report.

A milestone captures the current state of the workload and enables you to measure progress as you make changes based on your improvement plan.

From the workload details page:

  1. In the Workload overview section, choose the Save milestone button.

  2. Enter Version 1.0 - initial review as the Milestone name.

  3. Choose Save.

  4. To generate a workload report, select the desired lens and choose Generate report and a PDF file is created. This file contains the state of the workload, the number of risks identified, and a list of suggested improvements.