AWS Well-Architected Tool
User Guide

Step 4: Make Improvements and Measure Success

After deciding what improvement actions we want to take, we update the Improvement status to indicate that improvements are in progress.

                Picture showing changing the improvement status to In Progress.

As part of our improvement plan, we addressed one of our high risk items by adding Amazon CloudWatch and AWS Auto Scaling support for our workload.

We need to reflect these changes to our workload in AWS WA Tool. From the Improvement items section, we choose the pertinent question and update the answer to reflect the changes. We add Notes to record our improvements and choose Save and exit to update the workload review.

                Picture showing updating an answer as part of an improvement plan.

After making other changes, we return to the Improvement plan and see that our actions have improved our risk profile—down from three high risk items to only one.

             Picture showing better risk scores after improvements.

If we save a milestone at this point, we can go to Milestones and see how the workload has improved.

                Picture showing better risk scores using milestones.