AWS Graviton2 for ISVs - AWS Graviton2 for Independent Software Vendors

AWS Graviton2 for ISVs

Publication Date: January 6, 2022


Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a broad and deep choice of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances to match the wide spectrum of computing needs of our customers such general purpose, compute optimized, memory optimized, storage optimized, and accelerated computing workloads. This enables customers to choose the most cost-effective instance type suitable for their particular workload. These instances are often based on the Intel architecture. AWS recently introduced a new family of instance types based on the ARM architecture – AWS Graviton2. These instance types provide up to 40% price performance improvement over comparable Intel-based instances. For Independent Software Vendors (ISV), this translates to lowering the Cost of goods sold (COGS) and improving margins.

This whitepaper provides a roadmap to help ISVs evaluate the suitability of Graviton 2 to their workload and a checklist to help build a project plan for adoption for the most common ISV use cases – Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Marketplace AMI, and Direct. This paper also provides instructions, resources and best practices for each step in the migration journey.