AWS DX – DXGW with VGW, Multi-Regions, and AWS Public Peering - Hybrid Connectivity

AWS DX – DXGW with VGW, Multi-Regions, and AWS Public Peering

This model is constructed of:

  • Multiple AWS Regions.

  • Dual AWS Direct Connect Connections to independent DX locations.

  • Single on-premises data centers with dual connections to AWS.

  • AWS DXGW directly attached to more than 10 VPCs using VGW.

  • Optional usage of AWS Transit Gateway for Inter-VPC and Inter-Region communication.

Figure 8 – AWS DX – DXGW with VGW, Multi-Regions, and Public VIF

Connectivity model attributes:

  • AWS DX public VIF is used to access AWS public services such as S3 directly over the AWS DX connections.

  • Provide the ability to connect to VPCs and/or DX connection(s) in other Regions in the future.

  • With AWS Transit Gateway connected to VPCs, Full mesh connectivity or partial mesh connectivity can be achieved between the VPCs.

  • Inter-VPC and Inter-Region VPC communication facilitated by AWS Transit Gateway peering.

Scale considerations: =

  • 100 routes per Private VIF.

  • Up to 10 VPCs can be connect per DXGW over a single BGP session, if more VPCs need to be connected, additional DXGWs can be added to facilitate the connectivity at scale.

  • Additional AWS DX can be added as desired.

Other considerations:

  • Does not incur AWS Transit Gateway related processing cost for data transfer between AWS and on-premises networks.

  • Security groups of a remote VPC cannot be referenced over AWS Transit Gateway (need VPC peering).

  • VPC peering can be use instead of AWS Transit Gateway to facilitate the communication between the VPCs, however, this will add operational complexity to build and manage large number VPC point-to-point peering at scale.

  • If Inter-VPC communication is not required, neither AWS Transit Gateway nor VPC peering is required in this connectivity model.