Connectivity Models - Hybrid Connectivity

Connectivity Models


The connectivity models, refers to the communication pattern between on-premises network(s) and the cloud resources in AWS. Cloud resources could be deployed within an Amazon VPC within a single AWS Region or across multiple Regions, as well as AWS services which have a public endpoint in a single or multiple AWS Regions such as (S3 and DynamoDB, etc.).

Impact on the design decision

The connectivity model, is typically driven by the required communication or traffic pattern. That is essential to be identified and taken into consideration at the early design decision stage.

Defining the requirements

  • Is there a requirement for inter-VPC communication to be enabled (within a Region and/or across Regions)?

  • Is there any requirement to access AWS public endpoints directly from on-premises?

  • Is there a requirement to access AWS services using VPC endpoints from on-premises?

Technical solution

The following are some of the most common connectivity model scenarios. Each connectivity model covers requirements, attributes, and considerations.


As highlighted earlier this whitepaper is focused on the hybrid connectivity between on-premises networks and AWS. For further details on the design to interconnect VPCs refer to the AWS whitepaper Building a Scalable and Secure Multi-VPC AWS Network Infrastructure.