AWS App Runner - Overview of Deployment Options on AWS

AWS App Runner

AWS App Runner is a fully managed container application service that lets you build, deploy, and run containerized web applications and API services without prior infrastructure or container experience. App Runner connects directly to your code or image repository. It provides an automatic integration and delivery pipeline with fully managed operations, high performance, scalability, and security.

App Runner takes your source code or source image from a repository and then creates and maintains a running web service for you in the AWS Cloud. Typically, you need to call just one App Runner action, CreateService, to create your service. With a source image repository, you provide a ready-to-use container image that App Runner can deploy to run your web service. With a source code repository, you provide your code and instructions for building and running a web service and you target a specific runtime environment. App Runner supports several programming platforms, each with one or more managed runtimes for platform major versions. App Runner supports container images as well as runtimes and web frameworks including Node.js and Python. App Runner monitors the number of concurrent requests sent to your application and automatically adds additional instances based on request volume. If your application receives no incoming requests, App Runner will scale the containers down to a provisioned instance, a CPU-throttled instance ready to serve incoming requests within milliseconds.

At this time, App Runner can retrieve your source code from a GitHub repository, or retrieve your source image from Amazon ECR in your AWS account.

The following diagram shows an overview of the App Runner service architecture. In the diagram, there are two example services: one deploys source code from GitHub, and the other deploys a source image from Amazon ECR.

App Runner use case

App Runner supports full stack development, including both frontend and backend web applications that use HTTP and HTTPS protocols. These applications include API services, backend web services, and websites. App Runner supports container images as well as runtimes and web frameworks including Node.js and Python.