Combining Deployment Services - Overview of Deployment Options on AWS

Combining Deployment Services

There is not a “one size fits all” deployment solution on AWS. In the context of designing a deployment solution, it is important to consider the type of application as this can dictate which AWS services are most appropriate. To deliver complete functionality to provision, configure, deploy, scale, and monitor your application, it is often necessary to combine multiple deployment services

A common pattern for applications on AWS is to use CloudFormation (and its extensions) to manage general-purpose infrastructure, and use a more specialized deployment solution for managing application updates. In the case of a containerized application, CloudFormation could be used to create the application infrastructure, and Amazon ECS and Amazon EKS could be used to provision, deploy, and monitor containers.

AWS deployment services can also be combined with third-party deployment services. This allows organizations to easily integrate AWS deployment services into their existing CI/CD pipelines or infrastructure management solutions. For example, OpsWorks can be used to synchronize configurations between on-premises and AWS nodes, and CodeDeploy can be used with a number of third-party CI/CD services as part of a complete pipeline.