Unpicking Vendor Lock-in - Unpicking Vendor Lock-in

Unpicking Vendor Lock-in

Publication date: June 21, 2021 (Document revisions)


Customers should be able to switch their Cloud Services Provider (CSP) if they want to.

This whitepaper looks at what customers should require from CSPs so they have the freedom to choose the innovative services they need, coupled with the ability to turn things off and move, should they decide to do so. It provides a practical approach to defining, understanding, and eliminating sources of vendor lock-in.

Are you Well-Archtected?

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A CSP, or vendor, should earn customer business by providing the best services and capabilities at the best price. If a CSP makes it difficult to switch away from them (the essential element of vendor lock-in), it suggests that their services are not earning customer trust through the value they bring, and that they are restricting customer choice.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), provides customers with full control, ownership,and portability of their data, and allows customers to quickly move to another CSP should they choose to. AWS never wants to trap customers with lock-in tactics such as fixed-price, mandatory long-term contracts, or technical hurdles to changing CSP that amount to vendor lock-in.

AWS wants customers to stay by choice, because AWS offers the broadest choice of the best cloud services. The AWS outlook is that customers are loyal right up until the moment that somebody else offers them a better service. This drives the AWS customer-obsessed approach to innovation, and ensures AWS earns customer trust on a continuous basis.

The commentary in this whitepaper is based on many years of experience in delivering a secure cloud infrastructure to millions of customers worldwide.