Transfer Wickr Pro to AWS Wickr - AWS Wickr

Transfer Wickr Pro to AWS Wickr


Wickr Pro will be discontinued on March 27, 2024.

In this guide, we show you how to you transfer from Wickr Pro and start using AWS Wickr.

Follow the steps in this guide if you have an existing Wickr Pro network, but DO NOT have an AWS account yet. Please reach out to support at any step if you need assistance.

If your organization already has an AWS account complete the Migrate from Wickr Pro to AWS Wickr form and AWS Wickr support will assist you.

You will need an AWS account ID to manage your AWS Wickr network as an AWS service. For more information on what an AWS account is, and how to manage the account, see AWS Account Management Reference Guide.

Step 1: Create an AWS account

Complete the following procedure to create an AWS account.

  1. If your organization does not have an existing AWS Account ID you can start by creating a standalone AWS account ID. A few key things you will need for this:

    • A credit/debit card for billing

    • An email address that can be accessed by a group (Recommended, not required)

    • Select an AWS Support plan. For more information, see Changing AWS Support Plans.


      You can always change your AWS Support plan as you learn more about your needs.

  2. Set up administrative access through IAM as a security best practice (optional but recommended). For more information, see AWS Identity and Access Management. For more specific instructions about AWS Wickr administrative access, see AWS managed policy: AWSWickrFullAccess.

  3. Once you complete the previous steps, you will be able to log in to the AWS Management Console to find your 12-digit AWS account ID under your account name.

Step 2: Retrieve your Wickr network ID

Complete the following procedure to retrieve your Wickr network ID.

  1. Login to your current Wickr admin console, and select the network(s) you want to migrate, then choose Network Profile.

  2. The Network Profile page displays your network ID and is an 8-digit numeric ID.

Step 3: Submit a request

Now that you have your AWS account ID and Wickr Pro network ID you will need to complete the Migrate from Wickr Pro to AWS Wickr form.

When completed, typically within 14 days, an AWS Wickr support representative will contact you to confirm that your Wickr network has been added to your AWS account.

Step 4: Login to your AWS Console


Follow these steps AFTER you receive confirmation that your Wickr Pro network has been added to your AWS account.

  1. You can login to the AWS console as a root user OR with an IAM user you previously (as recommended) created in Step 2 for AWS Wickr.

  2. Navigate to your AWS Wickr service. You can do this from the Services menu or by searching for AWS Wickr in the search bar.

  3. On the AWS Wickr page, choose Manage network to access your Wickr network list.

  4. On the Networks page, under the Wickr admin console column, select the Admin link to the right of the desired Network name.

  5. The transfer is now complete! You will see your Wickr network dashboard.

Billing for your network will now be transferred to your AWS account. Allow up to 3 business days for support to reach out with a confirmation. After receiving your confirmation, you can view and pay your bill through the AWS console.