Changing AWS Support Plans - AWS Support

Changing AWS Support Plans

You can use the AWS Support Plans console to change your support plan for your AWS account. To change your support plan, you must have AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) permissions or sign in to your account as a root user. For more information, see Manage access to AWS Support Plans and AWS managed policies for AWS Support Plans.

To change your support plan
  1. Sign in to the AWS Support Plans console at

  2. (Optional) On the AWS Support Plans page, compare the support plans. For more information about the pricing, visit the pricing detail page.

  3. (Optional) Under AWS Support pricing example, choose See examples, and then choose one of the support plan options to see the estimated cost.

  4. When you decide on a plan, choose Review downgrade or Review upgrade for the plan that you want.

    • If you sign up for a paid support plan, you’re responsible for a minimum one month subscription of AWS Support. For more information, see the AWS Support FAQs.

    • If you have an Enterprise On-Ramp or Enterprise Support plan, on the Change plan confirmation dialog box, contact AWS Support to change your support plan.

  5. In the Change plan confirmation dialog box, you can expand the support items to see the features that you want to add or remove from your account.

    Under Pricing, you can view the projected one-time charges for the new support plan.

  6. Choose Accept and agree.

For more information about AWS Support Plans, see the AWS Support FAQs. You can also choose Contact us from the Support Plans console.

To close your account, see Closing an Account in the AWS Billing User Guide.