Downloading user lists - Amazon WorkDocs

You must be an Amazon WorkDocs system administrator to complete the steps in this guide. If you need help using Amazon WorkDocs, see Getting started with Amazon WorkDocs in the Amazon WorkDocs User Guide.

Downloading user lists

To download a list of users from the Admin control panel, you must install Amazon WorkDocs Companion. To install Amazon WorkDocs Companion, see Apps & Integrations for Amazon WorkDocs.

To download a list of users
  1. Choose the profile icon in the upper-right corner of the WorkDocs client.

                        The default profile icon in the Amazon WorkDocs web client.

  2. Under Admin, choose Open admin control panel.

  3. Under Manage Users, choose Download user.

  4. For Download user, choose one of the following options to export a list of users as a .json file to your desktop:

    • All users

    • Guest user

    • WS user

    • User

    • Power user

    • Admin

  5. WorkDocs saves the file to one of the following locations:

    • WindowsDownloads/WorkDocsDownloads

    • macOShard drive/users/username/WorkDocsDownloads/folder


      Downloads may take some time. Also, downloaded files do not land in your /~users folder.

For more information about these user roles, see User roles overview.