Amazon WorkDocs
Administration Guide

Downloading User List

To download a list of users from the Admin control panel, you must install Amazon WorkDocs Companion. To install Amazon WorkDocs Companion, see Apps & Integrations for Amazon WorkDocs.


The Download user option is not available for Amazon WorkDocs sites using an AWS Directory Service AD Connector directory.

To download a list of users

  1. From the Admin control panel, under Manage Users, choose Download user.

  2. For Download user, choose one of the following options to export a list of users as a .json file to your desktop:

    • All users

    • Guest user

    • WS User

    • User

    • Power user

    • Admin

  3. The file is saved in one of the following locations:

    • WindowsWorkDocsDownloads folder in your PC's Downloads folder

    • macOS/users/username/WorkDocsDownloads/folder

For more information about these user roles, see User Roles Overview.