Sharing by invitation - Amazon WorkDocs

Sharing by invitation

You can invite users and groups to share a folder or file, within or outside your organization. Inviting people also allows you to set their permissions. If you share a folder, the permissions for that folder apply to all the documents in the folder.

To invite people to share a folder or file
  1. In the web client, select the folder or file to share.

  2. Choose Share, then Invite people.

    The Invite people dialog box appears.

  3. To invite people in your organizaton, in the Invite specific people box, enter the name of the person or group with whom you want to share, then select the desired name from the list of results.


    To invite people outside your organization, enter the email address of the person or group with whom you want to share. When you finish, the address appears in a pop-up. Select that pop-up to add the address to your list of users.


    Your Amazon WorkDocs administrator has to authorize you to share files outside your organization.

  4. Select the desired permissions for the folder or file.


    These users and groups can rename and delete files, and share the file or files in the folder with others.


    These users and groups can provide feedback on the file or files in the folder.


    These users and groups can only view the file or files in the folder. They cannot provide feedback. External users have Viewer as the default permission, and this can't be changed unless they are converted from a Guest to regular User by an administrator.

  5. Optionally, choose Add personal message to enter your own message to the people you're inviting.

  6. Choose from the following options:

    • If you're sharing a folder, choose whether to make it read-only. If you don't, users can upload new files or new versions of existing files to the folder.

    • If you're sharing a file, choose Request feedback to ask for feedback. You can also set deadlines for feedback requests.


    You can only request feedback for files, not folders, and you can only request feedback from users, not groups.

  7. Choose Save.

Amazon WorkDocs sends an email to the invitees notifying them of the shared file or folder. The email includes a link to the file or folder, any personal message, and the feedback deadline, if you specified one. If you receive an error message saying that you can't share a document with people outside of your organization, your Amazon WorkDocs administrator hasn't authorized you to share externally. Contact that administrator for assistance.