Amazon WorkDocs
User Guide

What Is Amazon WorkDocs?

Amazon WorkDocs is a fully managed, secure, enterprise storage and sharing service with strong administrative controls and feedback capabilities that improve user productivity. Your files are stored in the cloud, safely and securely. Amazon WorkDocs even includes a synchronization application that always keeps selected folders on your local computer in sync with your cloud folders. Your files are only visible to you, and your designated contributors and viewers. Other members of your organization do not have access to any of your files unless you specifically grant them access.

You can share your files with other members of your organization for collaboration or review. The Amazon WorkDocs client applications can be used to view many different types of files, depending on the Internet media type of the file. Amazon WorkDocs supports all common document and image formats, and support for additional media types is constantly being added.

For more information, see Amazon WorkDocs.


You use the client applications to access your files. Amazon WorkDocs offers several different client applications and utilities:

  • A web application used for document management and review.

  • Apps for mobile devices that support document review.

  • A synchronization client that allows you to synchronize a folder on your Mac or Windows desktop with your Amazon WorkDocs files.

How to Get Started

To get a hands-on introduction to Amazon WorkDocs, complete the tutorial at Getting Started with Amazon WorkDocs.


With Amazon WorkDocs, there are no upfront fees or commitments. You pay only for active user accounts, and the storage you use. For more information, go to Pricing.


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